Skin Cancer Prevention

How to Prevent Skin Cancers

Your immune system weakens as you get older and the damage that you have done and are doing to your skin allows skin cancer to grow.

  • Use the highest water-resistant sunscreen everywhere, even in your external ear EVERYDAY!
  • Use Retin-A cream on your face at night. This will reduce your risk by 25%. This medication can be purchased over the counter.
  • Take Nicotinamide 500 MG morning and night. This medication can be purchased over the counter.
  • Wear SUN PROTECTIVE CLOTHING and always wear a HAT.
  • If you will be out of the sun doing activities such as golfing or fishing, take HELIOCARE in addition to wearing sunscreen and sun protective clothing. This medication can be purchased over the counter. Take 2 tablets before you go out and then 4 hours later.

If you have had precancer areas, actinic keratosis, or have been treated with liquid nitrogen then you must use one of the following prescription creams on a regular schedule:

  • Efudex 5% Cream Calcipotriene Cream
  • Aldara
  • Liquid nitrogen treats most obvious actinic keratosis but there are many more lurking on the skin. It is similar to treating termites you can see in your home and not fumigating it!

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